About me

I have been training and working in various psychological settings since 2008. My initial interest was working with children and their parents. Being a mum myself, I am aware that parenting can be rewarding but also challenging. I run parenting courses as a licensed Parenting Facilitator. I have a Certificate in Child Counseling and Post Graduate Diploma from Tavistock NHS Clinic. In addition, I have a professional Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy from Persona.

My training is ongoing and continually updated to ensure you receive a safe and professional service. I also undertake regular supervision as required by my professional governing body to ensure a safe working practice. I have worked in schools, a GP surgery and clinical settings in London and Edinburgh providing psychoeducational and therapeutic interventions both one-to-one and with groups of children and adults with a wide variety of mental health difficulties.

My Journey

Having spent 15 years living and working in London, I was able to experience both the good and not so good parts of big city life. Whilst I embraced the cultural diversity and challenges a fast-paced life can bring, it was easy to see the challenges that come with that lifestyle. In 2015 I relocated to Scotland with my family, where I feel settled and at home.

It’s probably a good place to answer a personal question: what personal experience do I have with overcoming internal difficulties? My journey as a therapist stemmed from addressing my own dealings with depressive episodes and insomnia. In 2003 I applied for a degree in psychology course to understand my mind better. Upon finishing the course, where I obtained a lot of information about the functioning of the human mind, however, I was not closer to understanding myself. I was encouraged to seek therapeutic help and I started working with a psychotherapist. The experience was transformative and empowering for me, which led me to the desire to help people therapeutically and facilitate the process of personal growth. I am grateful my experiences have brought me here and to work with some of the leading therapists in the field helping me to become the therapist I am today.

My role

I see my role as helping people find clarity and inner peace through non-judgmental, empathic listening combined with the use of tools and strategies to facilitate growth, development, and healing. I support individuals with a wide range of difficulties. I have a warm and sensitive manner and a steady, calm presence. I enjoy learning about people and helping them explore the issues or concerns that are important to them.

Practice description

I work collaboratively with clients and may use different approaches, depending on what might be the most useful for you at the moment. My aim is to ensure a comfortable, non-judgmental, and safe professional space for you to be heard, valued and understood. More than managing your issues, I strive to help you overcome them and reach your full potential.

You might choose to have short-term or long-term therapy. I suggest starting with 6 sessions and then we can check in and see if you would like to extend our time together. Counselling can be open-ended and there is no maximum limit on the number of sessions you can have. Long-term therapy can help you to focus on improving your ability to understand yourself and the origins of the issues you might face in order to live a more rewarding life and have healthier relationships. In short-term therapy, you might choose to set goals and work out how to achieve them. It's especially beneficial when you have a particular goal to achieve or a difficulty to overcome.

2021-2023 - Persona Training and Development - The Professional Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy LINK Persona - Persona Development & Training (personacounselling.com)

2019–2021 - Edinburgh University - PG Certificate in Counselling Skills.LINK The University of Edinburgh | The University of Edinburgh

2019-2020 - Care for the Family - Parents Facilitator Training LINK Time Out for Parents Facilitator Training - Care for the Family

2012–2015 - Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust - Post Graduate Diploma. Child Psychotherapy LINK The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

2009-2011 IATE - Certificate in Counseling Skills with Children using Art (.LINK - Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education London (artspsychotherapy.org)

2003-2008 - University of Westminster BSc (Hons) Psychology LINK University of Westminster, London