Journey to Self

awareness, healing, growth


Oksana Leitane

BACP registered Psychotherapist

I warmly invite you to take a look through my site, where you can learn about me and my professional experience, treatment approaches, services offered, and working methods.

My therapeutic approach is integrative and tailored for specific client’s needs. I work collaboratively with client and may use different approaches, depending on what might be the most useful for the client at the moment.

I am happy to receive inquiries, so if you have any questions or are considering having some counselling sessions with me, please get in touch.



Individual psychotherapy:

- Improve mental health and well-being
- Confidential and safe space
- Tailored approaches and techniques
- Self-exploration and insight
- Skill-building for coping and communication


Parent consultations:

- Various aspects of family life
- Bonding with your new baby
- Dealing with tantrums
- Positive discipline
- Bullying
- Communicating with teens
- Divorce and separation


Students counselling:

- Student counselling services
- Safe environment to explore feelings
- Coping with stress
- Time management skills
- Dealing with transitions and endings
- Managing anxiety and depression


Online Psychotherapy:

- Online and phone psychotherapy
- Same level of support and confidentiality as face-to-face therapy
- Convenient and flexible
- Secure platform for video chat


Neurodivergent СЃounselling:

- Specialized counselling for neurodivergent clients
- Support for individuals with autism, ADHD, and other neurodivergent traits
- Flexible approach to therapy
- Focus on helping clients feel heard, supported, and valued


Health Insurance recognition for therapy services:

- Assistance in coordinating with insurance provider for coverage
- Support in accessing reimbursement for therapy sessions
- Straightforward process for utilizing insurance coverage
- Ability to start therapy without upfront payment


A Tailored Personal Growth Guide:

- Gain clarity and understanding of your current situation
- Set clear and achievable goals that align with your aspirations
- Develop a roadmap with actionable steps to progress towards your goals
- Access a wide range of resources and tools to enhance your personal growth
- Receive ongoing support and accountability to stay on track
- Regular check-ins to track progress and make necessary adjustments
- Continually review and refine your action plan for optimal effectiveness over time


Group Therapy:

- Small group of individuals led by a trained therapist
- Interactive and supportive environment
- Sharing experiences and learning from each other
- Universality and reducing feelings of isolation
- Support and feedback from group members
- Development of healthy communication and interpersonal skills
- Group cohesion and sense of belonging
- Therapist guides and facilitates discussions
- Wide range of emotional issues addressed


Bereavement Psychotherapy:

- Helps with grief after a loss.
- Provides support, guidance, and coping tools.
- Techniques include emotional expression and cognitive restructuring.
- Goal is to adjust and find healing in grief journey.

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